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Little thoughts from wise ones!

How hard should a Yoga class be?

THOUGHT OF THE DAY How hard should a Yoga class be? Is feeling exhausted the objective of a Yoga class? Is a 90 minute class better than a 60 minute class? The reaction to this question and the points of interest, I’m sure will be varied; after all we are all so unique, how can […]

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Why Yoga??

So in my normal life, when i’m not yoga’in, (infact that should be the other way round, yoga has now totally become my normal everyday life!!) I work at a gym in Darwin and spend a bit of time talking to the members/gym junkies and watching them pour in through the doors for Pump, Step, […]

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Wherever you are…

For the most wonderful  girlie in my life, my shining light….right back at ya mamma! Wherever you are, my love will keep you safe. My heart will build a bridge of light, across both time and space. Wherever you are, our hearts still beat as one. I hold you in my dreams each night, until your task is […]

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Me and my friends

I have been thinking recently about the importance that friends and family play in our lives!! Now the world is a smaller place, in terms of travel and the opportunities we have to explore other countries and meet incredible people from near and far, means that nearly all of us have people we miss daily!! […]

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Yoga Teacher Thought of the Day

“Rome was not built in a day,” and a great teacher is not formed over night. Yoga is a personal journey of love, learning and striving to be a better person every day in every little way, if yoga teachers can pass a little bit of this message of self love on to their students […]

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Some nice little nuggets….

So with the huge amount of reading, thinking, contemplating, lesson planning, evaluating and tweeking that becoming a yoga teacher is involving (I love it by the way!), I thought I would share some of the great nuggets and words that I have found along the way and that have stuck with me. There are so […]

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Quote for the Day

“Do what makes you happy!”  – Who knows but its a good one!

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Quote for the Day

“Enlightenment happens differently to everyone. The mistake of religion is that individuals impose their own experience on the whole of humanity, find your own path to enlightenment. For one person it might be Dynamic Meditation, for another, dance, for another, music, for another, laughter; anything that quiets the mind.” – Osho

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