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Be beautiful on the inside!

I had a beautiful conversation with one of my fave yogis last night about food, diet and things we put into our body! Of course we are bombarded these days with more information than we can possibly digest on diets, detox’s, low fat foods, body image… the list goes on! It becomes hard to know […]

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How hard should a Yoga class be?

THOUGHT OF THE DAY How hard should a Yoga class be? Is feeling exhausted the objective of a Yoga class? Is a 90 minute class better than a 60 minute class? The reaction to this question and the points of interest, I’m sure will be varied; after all we are all so unique, how can […]

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Explore yoga at home!

When I did my teacher training there was a big emphasis on ‘personal practise’, “this is when as a yoga teacher you truly find your inspiration and creativity to then pass on in your classes.” Thinking about these words, I think this applies to everyone. Self discovery, inner calm and peace starts with allowing yourself the luxury […]

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Me and my friends

I have been thinking recently about the importance that friends and family play in our lives!! Now the world is a smaller place, in terms of travel and the opportunities we have to explore other countries and meet incredible people from near and far, means that nearly all of us have people we miss daily!! […]

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Treat Yourself!!

A new friend and colleague, Gregory Barnes, Massage Magician……. Give him a bell if you live in and around Darwin!! So I decided to treat my aching, tired body to a remedial massage yesterday, I thought we don’t mind spending money on sweets, cider, choc, clothes etc. so I thought you only have one body, treat it […]

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Some nice little nuggets….

So with the huge amount of reading, thinking, contemplating, lesson planning, evaluating and tweeking that becoming a yoga teacher is involving (I love it by the way!), I thought I would share some of the great nuggets and words that I have found along the way and that have stuck with me. There are so […]

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The Best Wake Up….

I’m a little amazed that I’m still really enjoying getting up at 6.30am (you get so much more done with your day)! As the sun is coming up, spending an hour or so self practising Asana (the postures) and Pranayama (breath control), with some incense burning, candles on and all is still and quiet here […]

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Detox gonna leave me rattling!!

OK SO IT’S JANUARY!!! With a little bit of dread but a whole lot of ‘thank goodness’, the routine of work, gym, yoga, healthy eating and detoxing has begun!! I’m assured that we are getting those couple of extra minutes a day of daylight, just not a whole lot of evidence this morning!! So I have started as I mean to […]

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Mood Boosters this Winter – Smoothie time

So OK they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I think they are right! I wont allow myself to buy cereal, as will quite happily sit and eat the whole box and I don’t think that is what they mean by ‘healthy’ but there are so many different options to […]

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Mood Boosters this Winter – Stretching it out

More ‘Healthy Treats‘ … Let yoga help you feel great this winter (its proven by scientists and everything!) and if its not your thing, just get moving! I first started Bikram (hot) Yoga in the winter months (as a substitute to being on the beach) and even though the room you practise in is deliberately […]

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